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To provide support for the spouses of Texas Dental Association members through education, fellowship, and service, and to foster the positive image of organized dentistry, working in partnership with the Texas Dental Association.

Alliance President
Patty Taylor

2017-2018 ATDA Officers

President: Patty Taylor (Mrs. Ben) 20/SW
President-Elect: Kim Sauer (Mrs. Ed) 8/SE
First Vice President (Convention): Paula Owens (Mrs. Russell) 12/NW
Second Vice President (Membership): Julia Martin (Mrs. E. Dale) 12/NW
Third Vice President (Dental Health): Beth Potter(Mrs. Fred H.)12/NW
Fourth Vice President (Newsletter/Yearbooks): Dr. Kelly Lemke (Mrs. Robert) 20/SW
Recording Secretary: Paula Loveless (Mrs. Kurt) 19/NW
Corresponding Secretary: Karen Cox (Mrs. David)  20/SW 
Publicity Secretary: Lisa Burns (Mrs. Alfred) 24/SW
Treasurer: Janet Crow (Mrs. Richard) 8/SE
Historian: Gloria Morales (Mrs. Phil) 20/SW
Parliamentarian: Conni Durbin (Mrs. Stephen) 6/NE
Immediate Past President: Beth Voorhees (Mrs. Fred) 10/SE

Welcome to this “Dental Family Under Texas Skies”.

The ATDA is a diverse group of families and supporters of the dental professional. We share our experience and lend our support to the profession, and in doing so develop friendships and bonds - the grass roots of state wide cooperation.  As dental family it is imperative we stay connected and work as a group to keep the members strong.

Welcome and come stretch out under Texas skies to connect with friends and family of those gifted individuals who provide the best dental care not only for Texans, but reach out beyond borders worldwide.  Learn how different our doctors interests may be yet how united their interests truly are.  

Take time to discuss and understand the complexities and issues these healers face in practice.  Be pro-active for that which supports the livelihood of the dental professional so they may be able to serve Texans.  

Constant change, many seemingly insignificant changes effect  the practice of dentistry.  Be supportive of one another in sharing solutions when facing similar situations.  Be part of the dialog and action by getting to know one another.  Simply come socialize and mingle during our State meeting.   Your contribution may seem mundane or overwhelming but is what strongly connects one another.

Your time and membership ensures support of the profession on such diverse levels: education, scholarships, wellbeing, legislative awareness and response to calls to action, support of dental charity work and promotion of dental interests.  

Most of all your time at state meeting events brings together strong, amazingly brilliant and fun folk who are family with collective needs and interests. 

Blue Skies! 
Patty Taylor, ATDA President

Who Are We?

Our Background

The Alliance of the Texas Dental Association was formed in 1930. We are spouses of dentists who are members of the Texas Dental Association. Our object is to create common interests among the District Alliances, to foster and support dental health education, and to provide a forum for the presentation, discussion and exchange of information.

The Alliance supports many activities throughout the year, including National Dental Health Month, Silver Lining Fund, Memorial Fund and TDA Legislative Day. We conduct our Annual Meeting in conjunction with the TDA Annual meeting and hold a Fall Board meeting.

Our Committees

The Silver Lining Fund was organized to help relieve dental families in need and special times in their lives. The Silver Lining Committee handles the investigation for needs and funds are disbursed upon the approval of the Silver Lining and Administrative Committees.

Our Dental Health Committee works closely with the TDA and ADA.  They gather information and share it with each district at the Fall Board Meeting and Annual Session to encourage all districts to be more active in their local districts.

The Legislative Committee works closely with the TDA Council on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs. This is one of our most active committees during legislative years. The committee works to heighten awareness of Texas Legislators as to the aims and goals of the dental health community.

The Memorial Committee provides support for education by aiding and furthering the study of dentistry. They offer financial aid, grants, and scholarships to dental students or ancillary dental health groups aiding research in dental health.


Winter 2017

Winter 2015

Winter 2014



February …………………………………Dental Health Month

February 1, 2018
Deadline for Chairperson of the Bylaws Committee to receive proposed amendments or changes to the ATDA bylaws:
Bylaws Chairperson: Sherry Kolb (Mrs. Charles) 5/NE

February 9, 2018
Future Focus Meeting

March 1, 2018
Deadline to mail district contributions to the Chairperson of the Silver Lining Committee:
Silver Lining Chair: Heide Heath (Mrs. Frank) 8/SE

March 15, 2018
Deadline for district presidents to mail their slate of district officers to:
State President-Elect: Kim Sauer (Mrs. Ed) 8/SE

1.  Deadline for districts to submit names of deceased members to:
     Resolutions Chair: Julie Reger ( Mrs. Chris) 20/SW
2.  Deadline for State Officers and Board Members with budgeted expenses to mail itemized statements to:
     State Treasurer: Janet Crow (Mrs. Richard) 8/SE
3.  Deadline for District Presidents to mail statistical reports to:
     State President: Patty Taylor (Mrs. Ben) 20/SW

May 3 & 4, 2018
ATDA State Convention
Convention Chair:  Paula Owens

Alliance in Action

The Alliance Legislative Committee, led by Janet Crow swept the Texas Capital in February on the day prior to the TDA’s legislation day. Our members stopped by each of our representative and senators office’s to present staff members nice bags of dental goodies as a reminder that our dentists would be visiting the next day and that we wished to thank our Texas employees for their service to our great State.

Mrs Janet Crow receives a President’s Award from Dr Craig Armstrong for her years of service and dedication to the Texas Dental Association’s legislative efforts.  Pictured are ATDA leadership: Janet Hooten, Janell Dunsworth, Beth Voorhees, Janet Crow, Dr. Craig Armstrong and Diane Bogan.

At Future Focus meetings, Alliance members plan for the scope and sequence of upcoming events across the state. Supporting the TDA, growing our membership, and even updating our website are just some of the tasks at hand. Plus, these meetings foster the collaboration of ideas and strengthen new and years-old friendships among members!

Supporting the TDA manifests in many ways. Here we are standing proudly around an operator’s chair at the 2015 Mesquite TMOM. This chair was contributed directly to the Smiles Foundation by our Alliance members. It represents just one of the many ways we directly and financially support the efforts of organized dentistry.