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TDA Past Presidents

2011-2012 Dr J Preston Coleman of San Antonio
2010-2011 Dr Ronald L Rhea of Houston
2009-2010 Dr Matthew B Roberts of Crockett
2008-2009 Dr Hilton Israelson of Richardson

2007-2008 Dr A David May Jr of Abilene
2006-2007 Dr Thomas C Harrison of Katy
2005-2006 Dr Richard C Black of El Paso
2004-2005 Dr Herbert L Wade Jr of Bryan
2003-2004 Dr Patricia L Blanton of Dallas
2002-2003 Dr Don A Lutes Mount Pleasant
2001-2002 Dr Larry W Spradley of Bedford
2000-2001 Dr Richard M Smith of Amarillo
1999-2000 Dr Richard H Carnahan Jr of San Antonio
1998-1999 Dr Stephen F Schwartz of Houston
1997-1998 Dr John S Findley of Plano
1996-1997 Dr Michael D Vaclav of Amarillo
1995-1996 Dr John S Eads III of El Paso
1994-1995 Dr Frank K Eggleston of Houston
1993-1994 Dr Paul G Swinney of Tyler
1992-1993 Dr Jack L Pierce of Fort Worth
1991-1992 Dr Joe W Christina of Corpus Christi
1990-1991 Dr Paul E Stubbs of Austin
1989-1990 Dr Robert M Anderton of Carrollton
1988-1989 Dr Felix C Crawford of Plainview*
1987-1988 Dr Richard A Eklund of San Antonio
1986-1987 Dr Sam W Rogers Jr of Houston
1985-1986 Dr Albert F Mikulencak Jr of Waco*
1984-1985 Dr John H Park Jr of Euless
1983-1984 Dr Rene M Rosas of El Paso
1982-1983 Dr Jack H Harris of Houston
1981-1982 Dr O V Cartwright of Grand Prairie*
1980-1981 Dr Charles G Lewis of Muleshoe*
1979-1980 Dr Ernest H Besch of San Antonio*
1978-1979 Dr John T Weatherall of Texas City*
1977-1978 Dr Thomas R Williams of Gatesville*
1976-1977 Dr R T Maberry of Fort Worth
1975-1976 Dr W B Milligan of Victoria*
1974-1975 Dr H M Sorrels of Houston
1966-1967 Dr Jack R Winston of Houston*
1965-1966 Dr L M Kennedy of Dallas†*
1965-1966 Dr Gus Pinkerton Jr of Tyler*
1964-1965 Dr Roy F McCasland of Tulia*
1963-1964 Dr Byron N Coward of Corpus Christi*
1962-1963 Dr Edward J Cooksey of Houston*
1961-1962 Dr Emmett R Johnson of Dallas*
1960-1961 Dr H Arthur Zappe of Mineral Wells*
1959-1960 Dr James P Hollers of San Antonio*
1958-1959 Dr Wayne H Speer of Houston*
1957-1958 Dr J Roscoe Tipton of Dallas*
1956-1957 Dr Richard D Bridgford of Colorado City*
1955-1956 Dr Oliver J Shaffer of El Paso*
1954-1955 Dr C M Taylor of Houston*
1953-1954 Dr Bruce F Wilkinson of Tyler*
1952-1953 Dr David C McRimmon of Fort Worth*
1951-1952 Dr W Talbot Foster of San Antonio*
1950-1951 Dr Barney E Farmer of Austin*
1949-1950 Dr Crawford A McMurray of Ennis*
1948-1949 Dr Alonzo J Wimberly of Sweetwater*
1947-1948 Dr Charles E Butler of San Antonio*
1946-1947 Dr Cleo B Lynn of Austin*
1945-1946 Dr Sam H Brock of Dallas*
1944-1945 Dr J T Edwards of Fort Worth*
1943-1944 Dr Stuart E Hays of San Antonio*
1942-1943 Dr Walter T Newton of Houston*
1941-1942 Dr Lloyd A Crabb of Dallas*
1940-1941 Dr Monte R Garrison of Wichita Falls*
1939-1940 Dr Thomas G Duckworth of San Antonio*
1938-1939 Dr Edward C Berwick of Austin*
1937-1938 Dr Ralph C Cooley of Houston*
1936-1937 Dr Arthur L Nygard of Dallas*
1935-1936 Dr Wesley B McCall of Temple*
1934-1935 Dr John F Clark of Beaumont*
1933-1934 Dr William P Delafield of Dallas*
1932-1933 Dr Roy L Rogers of Amarillo*
1931-1932 Dr Joseph P Arnold of Houston*
1930-1931 Dr Tom E Coyle of Beaumont*
1929-1930 Dr George H Mengel of El Paso*
1928-1929 Dr Thomas F Cox of Austin*
1927-1928 Dr Edward L Williams of Houston*
1926-1927 Dr Trim Houston of Corsicana*
1925-1926 Dr F F Brown of Wichita Falls*
1924-1925 Dr W C Neal of Abilene*
1923-1924 Dr W O Talbot of Fort Worth*
1922-1923 Dr A L Frew of Dallas*
1921-1922 Dr W D McCarty of San Antonio*
1920-1921 Dr G Waller Staples of Dallas*
1919-1920 Dr Charles E Stephens of San Antonio*
1918-1919 Dr Ben F Thielen of Paris*
1917-1918 Dr W H Schérer of Houston*
1916-1917 Dr James O Hall of Waco*
1915-1916 Dr J M Murphy of Temple*
1914-1915 Dr C M McCauley of Dallas*
1913-1914 Dr Frank Forman of Waco*
1912-1913 Dr Guy Morgan of Paris*
1911-1912 Dr Hugh M Davison of Hubbard*
1910-1911 Dr Bush Jones of Dallas*
1900-1910 Dr Julian Smith of Austin*
1908-1909 Dr George W Collier of San Antonio*
1907-1908 Dr Alexander A Dyer of Galveston*
1906-1907 Dr R D Griffis of Paris*
1905-1906 Dr Pitt S Turner of Belton*
1904-1905 Dr Sam G Duff of Greenville*
1903-1904 Dr Thomas P Williams of Houston*
1902-1903 Dr Josiah G Fife of Dallas*
1901-1902 Dr Henry L Pearson of McKinney*
1900-1901 Dr Olin B Love of San Angelo*
1899-1900 Dr John W David of Mexia*
1898-1899 Dr Milton S Merchant of Giddings*
1897-1898 Dr J L Buchanan of Bonham*
1896-1897 Dr T L Westerfield of Dallas*
1895-1896 Dr Luther P Robertson of Marlin*
1894-1895 Dr George M Patten of Waco*
1893-1894 Dr Alexander A Beville of Waco*
1892-1893 Dr Henry J McBride of Tyler*
1891-1892 Dr James H Grant of Palestine*
1890-1891 Dr John H Lasater of Belton*
1889-1890 Dr Mordello S Read of Corsicana*
1888-1889 Dr William J Barton of Paris*
1887-1888 Dr Robert E Grant of Austin*
1886-1887 Dr John C Storey of Dallas*
1885-1886 Dr Samuel E Jones of Houston*
1884-1885 Dr George S Staples of Sherman*
1883-1884 Dr James L Fountain of Bryan*
1882-1883 Dr W R Clifton of Waco*
1881-1882 Dr WIlliam S Carruthers of Galveston*
1880-1881 Dr William S Carruthers of Galveston*
1879-1880 Dr William S Carruthers of Galveston*
1873-1874 Dr William G Kingsbury*
1870-1871 Dr Manard M Michau*
1973-1974 Dr P Earle Williams of Dallas*
1972-1973 Dr John C Wilson of Jacksboro*
1971-1972 Dr John D Wilbanks of El Paso
1970-1971 Dr Robert B Dixon of Austin*
1969-1970 Dr Morris S Minton of McKinney*
1968-1969 Dr Willis H Murphey of Fort Worth*
1967-1968 Dr James E Bauerle of San Antonio*

* Deceased
† Filling unexpired term of Gus Pinkerton