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TDA Pediatric Sedation Authorization Course

Don’t Miss Out! Registration Limited to 80 Dentists!

New TSBDE Pediatric Sedation/Anesthesia Requirement Goes Into Effect September 1, 2019!

Comprehensive Education and Training: Meets Texas State Board of Dental Examiners’ (TSBDE) Requirements for Sedation/Anesthesia of Pediatric Patients

On or after September 1, 2019, dentists holding level 2-4 permits cannot administer sedation/anesthesia to patients younger than 13 years of age without an authorization to do so issued by the dental board.
Dentists can meet the requirement by
completing 1) a university or hospital-based residency at least 12 months in length that includes the mandated didactic and clinical education OR 2) a board-approved education program that meets the didactic and clinical training and instruction requirements.

The Texas Dental Association, in collaboration with UTHealth School of Dentistry at Houston PACE Center, developed a board-approved comprehensive continuing education program to meet the TSBDE requirement for level 2 and 3 permit holders that did not complete a university or hospital-based residency at least 12 months in length.

  • Part I: 16 hours of online didactic teaching, by Gary Badger, DDS, MS, offered prior to the TDA 2019 Meeting.
  • Part II: Full-day workshop at the TDA Meeting, engaging dentists in 15 high-fidelity pediatric sedation simulations.
    • Practice rescue of pediatric patients sedated/anesthetized at Levels 2 through 3, including administration of appropriate emergency drugs.
    • Practice advanced emergency airway management and resuscitation of sedated/anesthetized pediatric patients.
  • All sedation experiences at the full-day workshop will be performed and documented under the on-site instruction and direct supervision of a Texas-licensed dentist authorized to administer sedation/anesthesia to pediatric patients.
  • Upon the successful completion of both the didactic and clinical education programs, level 2 and level 3 permit holders will meet the new TSBDE requirements to apply for, “Administration of Anesthesia to PEDIATRIC Patients Application.”

Part I

Workshop Prerequisite:
16 Hours of Online Didactic Teaching by Gary Badger, DDS, MS
Sponsored by UTHealth School of Dentistry at Houston PACE Center and the Texas Dental Association

Instruction covers pre-anesthetic evaluation, physical evaluation and medical history, pediatric anatomy and physiology, pediatric respiratory assessment, pediatric anesthetic technique and pharmacology, pediatric patient monitoring, recovery and discharge, perioperative complications and emergencies, and record keeping.
  • Pricing: $560.00 for TDA members (discount code: TDAMEMBER) $640.00 for non-TDA members
  • For more information and online registration, visit

Part II

Workshop: Advanced Simulation Training for Level 2 and 3 Sedation of Pediatric Patients
Friday, May 3, 2019, TDA Meeting, San Antonio, TX

F29 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Dentist - $1,100 (please note: separate registration fee for the online didactic prerequisite)
Intended Audience: Only Dentists
CE Hours TBA - qualified to meet TSBDE requirements as technical or scientific.
CE Hours TBA - qualified to meet TSBDE requirement §110.17, Sedation/Anesthesia of Pediatric Patients.

Workshop supervisors will include pediatric specialists.